The Video Advertisements

Advertising Experience

TrueView In-Stream Ads (pre-rolls)

Google AdWords Search Ads (text) and Display Ads (image)

Retire-at-Home Results Overview:

  • Increase in the number of sessions (visits) to the Retire-At-Home London website (201%)

  • Traffic from Facebook increase of 1300% through the use of paid advertisements 

  • A rise in direct traffic (78%)

  • Considerably more clicks through the use of AdWords advertisements (227%)

Image Advertisements through Facebook

Facebook Results:

  • Primary objective of the 5 Facebook campaigns was to gain awareness and interest in Retire at Home Services 

  • Without any organic posts, advertising alone generated 56 new likes to the Facebook page

  • Users engaged with the advertisements, resulting in 42 post likes, and 17 shares

  • At least 2 users contacted Retire-At-Home through the website after viewing the Facebook advertisements



Paid Video Promotion - Google AdWords (YouTube)


Search Ads:


Display Ads:


Facebook Ads:

Just Own It Paid Video Promotion Overview:

  • Two 5-week long ad campaigns taking place on YouTube (pre-rolls), the Google Display Network, and Facebook (newsfeed)

  • Campaign goal was to achieve views on the ads/videos, and clicks through to the Just Own It website

  • E-learning series was targeted at Ontario secondary school teachers through demographic, interest, and keyword segmentation

  • Two different videos were A/B tested, as advertisements for the series: a designated trailer, as well as Video 1 of the series itself

  • Ad copy on Facebook advertisements was tested for engagement (likes, shares, page likes)  as well as click throughs to website

  • Interactivity techniques were implemented on YouTube including: cards, annotations, and call-to-action overlays as relevant

YouTube Channel Management included:

  • Creation of new, branded YouTube channel

  • Uploaded branded profile image and cover art

  • Inclusion of all relevant links, including website

  • SEO for channel and all video descriptions

  • User-friendly channel layout, with playlists

Brescia University College's Just Own It E-learning Series

YouTube Channel Management