Great things are done by a series of small things brought together -  Vincent Van Gogh


Latronicate : to engage in a highway robbery


Leopon : crossbreed between a leopard and a lion


Andoxography : skilled writing on an unimportant subject


Oneiric : of or relating to dreams


Rubiginous : rust-coloured


Cyanic : blue; azure

Portrait photography for


If you're familiar with Novack's, one of London's historic landmarks, you might know that it opened its doors in 1939. Rediscovering some of the Novack's inventory, we knew that a great brand could be born from the ashes. You'll love NineteenThirtyNine the new Novack's family e-commerce shop!


NineteenThirtyNine is a vintage retailer aimed at bringing life and energy to old relics and treasures. Our goal is to foster creativity, inspire taste in fashion, and build a community around innovation. 

Photography Experience

Professional Photography

Personal Photography

In addition to NineteenThirtyNine fashion photography, we also created a video to launch the new brand onto the web. 


We brought in our target audience (incidentally also our models) without giving them any information, and the results were enthralling!


If you're looking for a video for your own project, let me put you in touch with the video's creater (videographer, director, editor), the extremely talented Shannon MacDonald.

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